Posted by: Tony Carson | 15 September, 2007

Google Earth to get sharper

Google Earth is to get more eye-worthy.

New satellite to sharpen Google Earth.

Notes from the article:

Once its third satellite is launched, DigitalGlobe said it will be collecting more than 1 million square kilometers per day of high-resolution imagery.

WorldView I should allow far faster collection of imagery and add more quickly to the company’s archive, which contains more than 300 million square kilometers of satellite and aerial imagery.

The new satellite will also provide far more accurate data, including the ability to pinpoint objects on the Earth at three to 7.5 meters, or 10 to 25 feet. Using known reference points on the ground, the accuracy would rise to about two meters, Smith said.



  1. Interesting… i thought that some of the quality of google earth images’ is reduced due to political reasons as opposed to technical limitations. Does anyone have an idea?

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