Posted by: Tony Carson | 15 September, 2007

The absurd al Qaeda Conundrum

How do you effectively fight someone if you don’t even know his real name?

That’s the al Qaida conundrum, or is it al-Qaeda or whatever; even the fuzzy moniker has never been properly standardized.

Now we’re hearing about an ‘al-Qaida front group,’ see Iraq: al-Qaida group threatens Sunnis. How can we have any faith in this fight if we can’t tell the … ah, ‘enemy combatants,’ from the ‘collateral damage?’ It’s absurd,

If we cobble together a week of al Qaida’s press clipping we conclude that the main Al Qaeda cell is located in mountainous Tora Bora (or not) and that there are cells in every corner of the world: in Toronto (a group of children, many now released (?)), in Miami (a group of Christ-loving down-and-out blacks, now where (?)), in Spain, on every street corner in the UK and France, in Austria today, and on it goes. Surely, Argentina has five full communities of them by now.

Watch the news and you learn of a new cell or two every day. Talk about big. The whole friggin’ world is one large whack-a-mole game: knock off one cell and two appear instantly, Wolf has one on CNN and Katie Couric has the other on CBS.

And, of course, Iraq is just loaded with Al qaeda, these ones are fostered/supported/supplied by Iran, which makes sense when you think of the super-friendly history between the (Saudi) Arabs and the non-Arab Persian Iranians. Well, discounting the wars, the language, the culture and the vested interests.

In fact, there are an unlimited number of Al qaedia ‘cells’ all talking to Tora Bora through a cyberlink link supplied by Iran, Iraq having such a difficult time with its infrastructure.

The short hand in describing the enemy in this War on Terror perfectly validates the total obliquity of the war itself. The so-called war can never be won because the soldier in the fight can never be identified.

The media should get off its collective ass and call the bloody military to task. People are dying out there while the mullahs twiddle their thumbs and the Arabs pump their oil.

We are being diddle: by the media, the military and the do-nothing Muslims leadership.

But I blame the American media most. They gave us the war and they just don’t want it to go away.


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