Posted by: Tony Carson | 17 September, 2007

How to cancer-proof your body

How’s this for an oxymoron: Men’sHealth!

It’s an online site with “tons of useful stuff” including “8 stealth strategies to keep the killer cancer at bay.”

The article is here: Cancer-Proof Your Body. The idea is “to raise your carcinogen shields — and your overall health by using these smart anti-C moves:” (they’re all developed in the article.)

• Drink Pomegranate Juice (contains polyphenols, isoflavones, and ellagic acid, elements researchers believe make up a potent anticancer combo)

• Eat Blueberries (pterostilbene has colon cancer-fighting properties)

• Order Sushi (the seaweed wrap provides heart-helping fiber, bone-building calcium, and iron)

• Spend More Time Outside (vitamin D)

• Relax a Little (anxiety)

• Pop Selenium (Brazil nuts, tuna, meats, grains, and selenium supplements)

• Clear Your Air (secondhand smoke a killer)

• Invest a Little Sweat Equity (Duh.)



  1. Good advice! 😉 I’m particularly glad you mentioned vitamin D – nature’s ignored wonder drug.

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