Posted by: Tony Carson | 17 September, 2007

The world according to Karen P. Hughes

From the simplistic drivel file, here is Karen Hughes in full throat:

“People in America and many other Western nations have expressed strong disapproval of bin Laden and al-Qaeda since the Sept. 11 attacks.”

Karen Hughes is Bush’s undersecretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs (and Ambassador to the World to Change the Thinking about the US). The above was the second para in her WashPo op-ed, Sinking in the Polls — that’s Osama bin Laden sinking, not George W.  She goes on …

“While it is good that many Muslims are recognizing that terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda are a common threat, many polls show that much remains to be done to improve foreign perceptions of the United States.”

And …

Al-Qaeda’s growing Internet propaganda activities glorify violence and seek to exploit local grievances, from political oppression to a lack of economic opportunities. In contrast, America’s public diplomacy programs are engaging young people constructively, through English-language teaching, educational exchanges, music and sports diplomacy.

And …

This summer, we partnered with local governments in predominantly Muslim countries to host programs to teach young people English and leadership and citizenship skills. It was the first time many of these youths had met an American. Evaluations show they left with much more positive views of our country.

And  …

This year, we will teach English to thousands of young people in more than 40 majority-Muslim countries. I met with a group in Morocco, in the same neighborhood that produced the Casablanca suicide bombers of 2003. When I asked one young man what difference learning English had made in his life, he told me: “I have a job, and none of my friends do.” That young man also has hope — a reason to live rather than to kill himself and others in a suicide bombing.

And …

Osama bin Laden’s recent tape was a reminder that al-Qaeda offers only destruction and death. Al-Qaeda terrorists murder those who don’t agree with them — including Muslims. Their attacks on mosques, shrines and even wedding celebrations confirm that they don’t care about innocent Muslims. As one woman in Algeria put it, “They are criminals who want to sabotage the country.” That’s a message bin Laden’s words don’t convey, but his actions do. Six years after Sept. 11, good and decent people of many faiths and cultures are increasingly rejecting his brutal methods.


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