Posted by: Tony Carson | 18 September, 2007

Can a High-Fat Diet Kick Cancer? – TIME

Since early 2007, Dr. Melanie Schmidt and biologist Ulrike Kammerer … have been enrolling cancer patients in a Phase I clinical study of a most unexpected medication: fat.

Their trial puts patients on a so-called ketogenic diet, which eliminates almost all carbohydrates, including sugar, and provides energy only from high-quality plant oils, such as hempseed and linseed oil, and protein from soy and animal products.

What sounds like yet another version of the Atkins craze is actually based on scientific evidence that dates back nearly 80 years. In 1930, the German Nobel laureate Otto Warburg first published his observations of a common feature he saw in fast growing tumors: unlike healthy cells, which generate energy by metabolizing sugar in their mitochondria, cancer cells appeared to fuel themselves exclusively through glycolysis, a less-efficient means of creating energy through the fermentation of sugar in the cytoplasm. Warburg believed that this metabolic switch was the primary cause of cancer, a theory that he strove, unsuccessfully, to establish until his death in 1970.

The Time story is here: Can a High-Fat Diet Kick Cancer?



  1. Great post. I got new perspective after read this article.will return again to seek new vision.


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