Posted by: Tony Carson | 18 September, 2007

Free phone calls with startup’s $399 box

A Silicon Valley startup, ooma Inc., will begin selling $399 gadgets Wednesday that consumers with broadband Internet service can use to make unlimited free domestic phone calls.

A small box plugs between the home broadband connection and a primary telephone and allows the user to call anywhere in the country for free, oversees calls can be paid for with a credit card.

Unlike Skype, which requires both caller and recipient to be using it and works best when they talk through their computers, ooma uses standard home phones. Domestic calls are free even if the recipient does not have the ooma box.

There story is here:  Free phone calls with startup’s $399 box



  1. Before putting down your $399 on this one, you’d better look into the security problems, and don’t believe Ooma’s claims that they have it covered. There are numerous technical and operational problems with this product.

    Note that it’s not “free phone calls for life” as they like to say. Their own web site says it is only guaranted for 3 years, and that is only if the company lasts that long. Remember Sun Rocket!

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