Posted by: Tony Carson | 19 September, 2007

Bush needs to strike Iran … for his legacy

The Bush Administration continues to fumble its way through the Middle East looking for anything that might inspire constructive coherence to its legacy. It can’t  find order in Iraq; it can’t get Israel to cooperate in a meaningful peace process with Palestine, so it has has little choice but to hit Iran.

How? Not with sanctions, those are long-term and difficult to measure — Bush has little more than a year left. No, Bush must strike Iran and then proudly proclaim that he has dealt with the “greatest threat to mankind,” an irrational nuclear state.

Israel’s recent aerial attack on Syria may well be the template: it was fast, effective (?) and quickly fell off the headlines. Perfect: it will validate the Bush boast with potentially few repercussions.

Or not. What would Iran do if this attack on its nuclear sites was carried out? That’s the big question. Already the Iranians are tying the US and Israel together thus, potentially, making a target of Israel.

That imponderable is the only thing holding back the Americans. What will Iran do? If the US thinks the Iranians would cave, they would strike tomorrow.

Bush is in way too deep to talk. And anyway, diplomacy is for pussies. Bush needs action, he will have no chance for a positive legacy without it.  It’s the only option he has.


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