Posted by: Tony Carson | 19 September, 2007

The Canadian Health Care System the US media ignores

Canada might as well be on the other side of the moon for as much as the U.S. press tells us about its health care system. Morton Mintz says he could find only one in-depth article on it, and that was published in 1992.

I have a more basic criticism of coverage by major U.S. news organizations: With rare exceptions, they have not done the long-form journalism on single-payer that would present all of its pluses, minuses, and pulses. I mean comprehensive, in-depth coverage that would enable Americans to relate to Canadians—patients, physicians, other care-givers, administrators, taxpayers, the wealthy, the middle-income, the poor—much as does “Sicko.”

It has been as if Americans might not be really, really interested in in-depth reporting on the entirely different health-care system in the country above our northern border. Or even in the enduring love affair General Motors, Ford and other U.S.-based corporations with plants in Canada have had with single-payer, which drastically lowers their production costs (while, as I’ve written elsewhere, not explaining why they wouldn’t want single-payer here).

From Nieman Watchdog: What’s the Canadian medical system like, anyway?


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