Posted by: Tony Carson | 20 September, 2007

Landis doped out of yellow jersey

“This ruling is a blow to athletes and cyclists everywhere” said Floyd Landis, the US rider who used synthetic testosterone to fuel his spectacular comeback victory to win the 2006 Tour de France.

No. The ruling is another step to cleaning up the sport that Landis is banned from for two years (retroactive to Jan. 30, 2007.) He should be happy there is no penalty in the sport for perjury.



  1. Lifetime bans for Roid Floyd, Lance Pharmstrong and Tyler Hamilton are needed.

    Armstrong destroyed cycling with his Nike endorsed lies and cow-blood & steroids doping.

    Next lets nail Disney-ESPN and NFL, NBA & MLB, corked bats, dead dogs, paralysis and steroids.

  2. The arbitration system in cycling is so weighted against the athlete that a conviction means nothing.

    The lab’s behavior in this case was such that nothing it said about Landis’ sample shoud be trusted.

    Tony, you and Frankie should be glad there is no legal penalty for assuming someone guilty on shoddy evidence.

  3. David, if the evidence is shoddy, Landis will prove this in a court of law, regain his reputation, his yellow jersey, countless million in damages and the respect of all.

    In the history of doping I can’t remember a single athlete saying, “You caught me.”

    I love cycling, I adore the Tour, I don’t want these guys to kill themselves trying to get just one more unit of energy out of their bodies.

    As you know, the drug agencies are always playing catch-up to more technical and more devious ways to cheat. It’s a difficult, probably impossible task but they have to succeed, otherwise, ambitious young athletes are going die with their feet in the clips and when that happens the greater tragedy will be that a wonderful sport, as well as the athlete, will be dead.

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