Posted by: Tony Carson | 20 September, 2007

So, do you take his name or not?


I am not anti-marriage. But successful unions occur when two people don’t insist on becoming “one.” I want to be loved for who I am, was and will be, not for being someone’s reflected glory.

Also, there’s a good chance, given the statistics, that the marriage will fail. I know it’s a bit like those nasty cancer statistics – you feel that it will never happen to you – but it can, and it does.

The Globe and Mail’s Sarah Hampson has a good column here, Get hitched – but keep your name!, with good arguments for those considering The Walk.

Oh, and you’ll meet her ‘wasband.’



  1. There are cascade of reasons for and against taking a name, and it seems to be to a highly personal issue. But this opinion seems to be particularly cynical.

    Part of the reason to take a name is the optimism of sharing a future together. Cancer can and does happen to people, and that is unfortunate. But you reject “his name” because you’re afraid of a failing marriage? That’s called a foregone conclusion.

    If you’re thinking of taking this woman’s advice, take mine: don’t get married at all.

  2. If I hadn’t, you wouldn’t be.

  3. Well, honestly, when you two weren’t even going to honeymoon together — I mean, you didn’t need a crystal ball…

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