Posted by: Tony Carson | 20 September, 2007

Tar Sands: screwing up the province, the country and the planet

The Tar Sands has singlehandedly put the boots to any Canadian hope of reining in greenhouse gases, we all know that, but did you know the full scope of the devastation being perped for the ooze called oil?

This is a powerful piece at The Tyee, the first of two parts: The Harm the Tar Sands Will Do.

A sickening taste:

“… producing a barrel of synthetic crude oil from the tar sands releases up to three times more greenhouse gas pollution than conventional oil. This is a result of the huge amount of energy (primarily from burning natural gas) required to generate the heat needed to extract bitumen from the tar sands and upgrade it into synthetic crude. The energy equivalent of one barrel of oil is required to produce just three barrels of oil from the tar sands.

To read this article is to feel a numbing sense of powerlessness. The oil is needed, but at this cost? There has been no debate; fucking up the planet is open the the highest bidder. Is this the country we want?


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