Posted by: Tony Carson | 20 September, 2007

Troop loving Republicans put the boots to their R&R

How impotent are the Democrats in Washington?

They can’t even get a bill passed through the Senate that would allow US soldiers as much rest time at home as they spent on their most recent tour overseas — like, the way it used to be before Bush forced more and longer tours in Iraq.

The Democrats have been oft-repeating the mantra that “we don’t have the votes” to stop the war in Iraq. With this, they can now boast that they haven’t even got the clout to give their over-worked soldiers more R&R at home.

Democrats have struggled all year to pass legislation winding down the Iraq war, and they have other proposals waiting in the wings, including some that explicitly require combat troop pullouts. But these are considered even less likely than Webb’s (bill, the bill sponsor) to get any time soon the 60 votes often required to advance under Senate rules.

The story is here: Senate Republicans block Iraq bill



  1. Considering the makeup of the Senate being basically 50-50, I’m not sure it’s very fair to blame the Democrat’s for being impotent, when the large majority of the Republican Senators don’t wish to pass anything that embarrasses Bush or forces him to vet o something as high-profile as that would be.

    Now.. if you want to go at the strategy of the Dems.. that’s fair game. I think they should force the Repubs to do an actual filibuster on this and make the public down there aware every day that the Republicans, for all their mouthing of supporting the troops, are hypocrites.

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