Posted by: Tony Carson | 21 September, 2007

Scandinavia, putting people first

Sure, they are relatively small states geographically with relatively small populations, but countries around the world can learn a lot from them, they know what they’re doing: Scandinavian country’s put people first.

In recent years, they’ve had to back off the economics of socialism but in doing so they haven’t lost sight of the inherent goodness of socialism, that a country is a community or, to borrow a term used by a Canadian Prime Minister, a community of communities.

One of the reasons Scandinavian countries are so strong is that they have maintained a strong and healthy middle class, a class that is being hard hit in increasingly corporate North America.

A healthy middle class requires active government planning, intervention and participation, as this article explains: The Middle Class can only be sustained by government support.

So good on the Scandinavians. Wish they were travelling proselytizers, we need to hear more about how they do it. Obviously, leaving destiny up to the corporation is not working for anyone other than them.


  1. How very true and so important! Thanks!

  2. […] should spend more time in northern Europe where Scandinavia, puts people first. Not […]

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