Posted by: Tony Carson | 22 September, 2007

Can Israel bomb whoever the hell it wants?

Israel bombs a country for reasons that are not made public and the world sits back and shrugs? God, talk about a rogue state.

Where is the UN Security Council in this?

Why is Israel, which continuously and immorally punishes the Palestinians, which recently invaded Lebanon without due cause, which constantly threatens Iran, why is Israel allowed to drop bombs on a neighboring country with no apparent justification and no apparent consequences?

Why is Israel allowed a different set of rules to other countries?

Israel is out of control and with Netanyahu poised to take over the trigger it’s just going to get worse.

How can the Americans even contemplate a peace process in the Middle East when the principle player is off bombing and invading and occupying?

There can be no peace in the Middle East while Israel continues to make enemies of all its neighbors.

The US should be crying “enough!”

But, back to the question, why did Israel bomb (in) Syria? This is from the Globe and Mail article Israeli air strike on Syria shrouded in secrecy:

But rumours were already rife about what the air raid involved.

One guess was that the attack was a shot over the bow – meant to test the readiness of Syria’s anti-missile defence capabilities. Another story holds that Israel targeted a conventional-weapons transfer to Hezbollah.

Yet another posits the attack was an assassination attempt on Khaled Meshaal, leader-in-exile of the militant Hamas movement.

“At the end of the day, each of those theories is as good as the next one. Those who know the truth think secrecy is the best way to handle the truth and we have to trust them,” said Yaakov Amidror, former deputy chief of intelligence for the Israeli Army.

Most Israelis agree. According to polls, most say they feel safer since Sept. 6 and believe the operation was a success.



  1. It appears that N.Korea nuclear underground bunker was in Syra and smuggled in new material.
    Israel cannot tolerate Iran nor Syria to have nukes. They will martyr themselves to destroy Israel and then the West.
    Hopefully Iran will give up that quest now.

  2. Why Syria or Iran do such a thing?

  3. Well Sam, less so in Syria’s case, but in Iran’s case at least, I think, “Because their Supreme Leader is a crazy religious fanatic” is a pretty good reason (well, it’s a TERRIBLE reason to nuke Israel of course, but a perfectly legitimate explanation as to why Iran would do so!).

    I don’t think it’s such a huge leap from sending suicide bombers to martyr themselves in order to take out a few Israeli citizens to sending a nuke to martyr all of Iran, in order to take out Israel entirely. It’s not rational, but then neither is assuming rationality on the part of an irrational leadership.

    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei once famously said “this cancerous tumor of a state [Israel] should be removed from the region.” It seems to me that evidence suggests that radical Islamists wouldn’t have a problem martyring themselves if they thought their deaths would result in the total destruction of this so-called “tumor” on the world.

  4. More importantly, I fail to see why Israel should (or would) sit by and watch a neighboring country that has twice tried to destroy them develop nuclear weapons.

    Even the “Syria would never nuke Israel” argument, weak as I think it is, is no justification for the Israelis to sit back and let them develop nuclear weapons. The responsibility of the government of Israel is to protect the people of Israel. Sometimes that means taking military action against one of their many more populous neighbours that would just as soon see them all destroyed.

    I don’t think Israel has the right to bomb anyone they like. But bombing the secret illegal nuclear facilities of neighbouring countries that have waged war against Israel and attempted to destroy her on more than one occasion? THAT I have little problem with. In cases where no civilians were harmed, and the country in question claims (laughably) that nothing was hit by the bombings but sand. That I have ZERO problem with.

  5. The only one IMPLYING through innuendo that Syria has or is seeking a nuclear capability is Israel, well, Israel and you.

    There is no evidence. Read our most recent post The media and the Israeli Syria attack. Krauthammer does what you seem to be doing: morphing an innuendo into a convenient fact.

  6. ‘but in Iran’s case at least, I think, “Because their Supreme Leader is a crazy religious fanatic” is a pretty good reason (well, it’s a TERRIBLE reason to nuke Israel of course, but a perfectly legitimate explanation as to why Iran would do so!).’

    Except that Iran maintains that this regime change should not be done by military force. Ahmadinejad compares it to the fall of communism. This may or may not be disingenuous on their part. But if you’re going to quote them, get the whole story. Iran’s regime may be homophobic, sexist, and hostile to a free press – but we not ascribe falsities to them. Remember how that worked out with Saddam?

  7. YES

  8. ^^^ Is that Ron saying “Yes, Israel can bomb whoever the Hell they want”??? ‘Cause even I wouldn’t go that far!

  9. My question was directed at this weird but persistent idea that Iran and Syria are crazed lunatics like the baddies in a Die Hard movie.

    This seems to lead to a Middle East that can be reduced to Good(Israel) vs. Evil(the rest of ’em).

    And this leads to the end point, where Israel gets a military “blank cheque” to operate (it seems both figuratively and literally). Then they can, like in last year’s so-called defense, “accidentally” kill 1200 civilians and litter the countryside of Lebanon with cluster munitions (to get the rest) and nobody says: “thats not good enough”.

    Sorry. Thats not good enough.

    They rain bombs on anywhere that isn’t a practice target, and they have to explain themselves, like anybody else in the world. No Zionist love-in will make justice of that.

    And, on the other side, Iran and Syria are not crazy religious wackos, though they don’t deserve praise for their human rights abuses and generally backward laws. They are, despite Krauthammer’s best efforts, still acting in a consistent rational behaviour.  It just isn’t desirable if you are in Tel Aviv or Washington.

  10. Yes Israel can bomb who it wants because America is its bitch. Condi is in the MidEast trying for peace while Barak (Israel’s former PM) is telling the Kenesset that “we don’t have to appease a president (Bush) who has one year left in office!” If Syria had WMD or Nukes don’t you think our news would be all over it. If this was true, why is Israel keeping silent! This would be Israel’s golden ticket! Israel would be sounding the drums of war against Syria, as it had been for Iran and Iraq. (America’s drums, not its own of course. Israel blood is more valuable than American blood). This has nothing to do with religion or fanatic leaders. It is very simple. Money. If there is a normalized relation with Israel and the Arabs, the rich Arabs with oil money, as they just did with the Nasdaq, would by out Israel (and the 1/3 of its population would return to where they were born – Europe and America) just like they bought, and expelled the Palestinians out. Then they would not be a majority Israelis (hence the two state solution) and Israel as a Jewish only state would no longer exists. Same with Lebanon, Saudi money moved in under Hariri and that is what the Lebanon fight is over. There are now more Sunnis than Christians and Shia in Lebanon. No one is fighting in the name of God they are fighting over money. In Iraq too. They want to be in charge of selling America oil because America wants to privatize oil in that country. Israel does not want peace, with peace means they have to do business with Arabs. They had peace with Egypt because Egypt is poor and can never buy them out. They bombed the rebuilt Lebanon because it is an economic threat not because the Arabs there want to destroy Israel. It used to be a financial capital of the Mideast and a tourist haven but for being bombed every summer. No one wants to destroy Israel. It’s a reality. But if there is peace, Israel will destroy itself. Why, because it cannot be a democracy just for Jews. That is not a democracy – it’s a theocracy, like Iran! Except we prejudiced against Muslims and therefore they cannot have an Islamic country, but Israel can be a country just for Jews! The heat is on Syria, a secular country, because it does want peace and the Golan Heights back. Israel does not want to give any land back. People like Lord Kitchener need to stop distorting minds by framing this as a religious issue. What Iran’s president said is that he want to destroy the Zionist regime, not the county itself and not the Jewish people, 20K of whom live in Iran! Kitcherner just mouths off to distort American minds to believe Arabs are all evil and hate America and Israel. As usual, without any facts to support his and the medias lies.

  11. Ferris: Facinating comment.
    “Same with Lebanon, Saudi money moved in under Hariri and that is what the Lebanon fight is over. There are now more Sunnis than Christians and Shia in Lebanon.” Excellent point. Do you know where I can find stats on this. It would make an excellent post.

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