Posted by: Sam Carson | 24 September, 2007

One Laptop per Christmas; the XO to be released in the US.

We’ve drooled over it before on Carson’s Post. The “$100 Laptop”, the ultimate geek machine, the educational tool of the 21st century. But never has the opportunity to actually get one been available… until now.

Give one Laptop, get one laptop; a two week blitz in November will make people in the US as happy as those in the developing world where they will be sent. It has been announced that the indestructible, easy to charge, clever little “$100 Laptops” will be available to the American market for two weeks in November. As a quick burst of funding is required, the offer will be to own one/send one for $399.

Details at, back story at One Laptop Per Child News.

All those “Carson’s Post” lovers in the US; you know what we want for Christmas!



  1. Nov 12th – can’t wait – I want one and knowing that an identiclal unit went to some poor kid – it’s a great idea – CC at the ready for $399!

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