Posted by: Tony Carson | 24 September, 2007

US deliberately keeps us stupid on Iraq

A reasonable reading of the news in North America would have it that the US wants the border between Iraq and Iran closed because of the alleged supply of weapons flooding from Iran into Iraq.

This morning we learn in an AP article that “Iran closed major border crossings with northeastern Iraq on Monday to protest the U.S. detention of an Iranian official the military accused of weapons smuggling and that the affected Kurds feel they are being unfairly punished:

“We are paying the price of what the Americans have done by arresting the Iranian; If this closure continues it will have an effect on the historical relations between the Kurdish government and the Iranian state.”

Once again, the US is odd man out:

U.S. officials said Farhadi was a member of the elite Quds force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards that smuggles weapons into Iraq. But Iraqi and Iranian leaders said he was in the country on official business and with the full knowledge of the government.

This tiny tid bit of news all by itself tells us that we have no clue of what is going on inside Iraq and that the messenger of any news we get has a highly selective view point and vested interest.

For instance, the US continues to demonize Iran for supplying munitions that they say are killing American forces while the Iraqis, even though they recently finished a bloody 10 year war against the Iranians, seem to take a totally different view of the Iranians: Maliki meets with them looking for solutions, and Iraqis trade with them looking for economic opportunities.

To justify its continued presence in Iraq the US is deliberately keeping us stupid about what is really going on there: all news selected and repeated by the Administration speaks of how the Iraqis and Iranians and all the rest are treating them, the US, the occupying force, not how these countries are treating the Iraqis who are, if we’ve got this part right, the aggrieved party.


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