Posted by: Tony Carson | 25 September, 2007

Carsonspost to relocate to Marrakech

If Google can show us city centres in such detail that it infringes on Canadian laws, why can’t they, like, put us in the city centre?

Well, it turns out that may be precisely what they are about to do.

As Sam pointed out earlier, Google may soon be launching an ‘environment’ to compete with the vastly popular Second Life but Google’s world is terra cognito to us all, earth, and we may be free to visit places at the click of a mouse, not zooming in from 10,000 feet but actually be on the street, 3D.

Imagine walking through Rome or Paris or Baghdad in more or less real time, just one among the throng, but an actual throng, not a bunch of whacked-out avitars.

It’s hard to visualize how effective it would be — but then, it was hard to imagine how fascinating GoogleEarth would become.

So, a heads up. Your own, personal, GoogleWorld may be just around the corner. If so, Carsonspost will get a street address, maybe in Marrakech, I’ve always loved Marrekech, maybe just outside the souk … no, no, inside the souk, in a stall between a kebob-berie and a purveyor of Stella Artois. We would be great hosts. You’ll see.

More here:

Google eyes Canada rollout of discreet Street View

Google ‘to test rival to Second Life’


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