Posted by: Sam Carson | 25 September, 2007

Second Life ripoff on land on Google Earth?

I tried Second Life once, I created a virtual Sam and figured out the basic functions.  I then went wandering around Second Life land for a few minutes before learning that people in Second Life are as rude as they are in my first.  And that was that.  But this sounds a bit more interesting.

According to the London Times, Google are close to launching an alternative Second Life that uses Google Earth as it’s “world”.  This starts to sound more like our previous requests on Carson’s Post for virtual tourism.  So there is hanging out on Second Life and being a part of a world that is a product of the acne clad or marketing driven.  Or soon, one can wander along Nepal’s virtual Annapurna range, witness a digital reconstruction of the Sistine Chapel or have a look at pixels of surf in Maui.  I may exaggerate, but you get my point.

Now this is much more exciting, and could have some pretty cool applications.  Once again, Google is taking a leap toward the abyss of possibility with balls and intellect.  It should be interesting to watch at least.



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  2. It is quite unfortunate that you had such a bad experience with Second Life. Mine was quite different. Shortly after arriving in world, I found place called Caledon. It is a themed sim based upon Victorian steampunk. Everyone that I met was genuinely friendly and helpful.

    It is true there are people in Second Life that are rude, but that seems to be the exception, rather than the rule. After all, although everyone is an avatar, that avatar is controlled by a human being and the personality traits of that person will usually filter into their avatar, regardless of which virtual world.

  3. Thank you for commenting nwriter.

    I’m sure some people have rich and fun experiences on Second Life. Mine wasn’t that great, but I was kind of stuck for something to do. The concept is so expansive that it is hard to know where to start.

    In contrast, I look forward to the Google Experience as it uses my pre-existing frames of reference. So, in theory I can “virtually” go back to the Seychelles to the beach where I met my wife, or hopefully someday, armchair tour the Louvre in Paris.

    That concept makes me giddy with anticipation.

  4. Well, I can also say that I am quite surprised that secondlife is still alive today. They not only cheated me out of hundreds of dollars, they even hacked into my computer and stole sensitive information. I still have those logs today. Linden Labs is full of homosexuals who will force themselves on unsuspecting participants of the game, including cyberstalking and real world stalking – with no checks and balances in place such as employee background checks. If I had the time and resources, I would find those responsible and take punitive actions against them. As it is … I don’t visit there any longer, and when I see them in the news (like this article) I check to see if they are closing their doors…not yet.

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