Posted by: Tony Carson | 26 September, 2007

Bill Kristol in search of another war he can hide from

Just how arch-conservative Bill Kristol gets away with his hate-speak is a mystery. But one that Paul Campos has taken on.

In his article in CommonDreams, War-Monger vs. The Porn King: Is Bill Kristol Respectable? Campos has this to say about the top tier Chicken-Hawk:

I glimpsed Bill Kristol’s smooth and amiable face on the television, where it appears so often. Kristol – editor of The Weekly Standard, Fox News contributor, co-founder of the key neo-conservative group the Project For the New American Century, and current visiting professor at Harvard – is the very definition of a well-respected man about town, doing the best things so conservatively.

But how respectable is Kristol, really? Anyone who pays the least attention to him soon discovers that the ruling passion of Kristol’s life is to involve the United States in as many wars as possible, with as many enemies as he can find or create.

In short, Kristol thinks about war in much the same way the narrator of Lolita thought about 12-year-old girls: with a constant, obsessive, perverse longing.

I choose this analogy with some care. An overwhelming lust for violence seems to be the common vice that links together Kristol, the various Kaplans (Lawrence, Fred, Robert), and other leaders of the contemporary neo-conservative movement.

All these men appear to genuinely love the idea of war for its own sake. The thought of their countrymen – not they themselves of course, as not one of them has ever come within a thousand miles of a live bullet – inflicting the horrific violence of modern warfare on various hapless foreigners is something that clearly excites these gentlemen quite a bit.

And that, when you think about it, is rather disturbing.


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