Posted by: Tony Carson | 26 September, 2007

Is Global Warming Drowning Africa?

The immediate consequences of climate change in Africa? Countries will experience either torrential floods or severe drought during a season.

Africa has always been predicted to be the continent that will be worst hit by global warming and climate change. Could those predictions be coming true?

Extreme rains and floods have made for a very wet summer in Africa, and there is no end in sight to the downpours that are swallowing towns and forcing over a million to flee their homes in at least 20 countries. Since June, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya have had hundreds of thousands of people uprooted from their homes. Scores have died since. West Africa has seen its worst floods in years, with 300,000 fleeing the earth-colored waters of northern Ghana. Meanwhile, forecasts by African meteorologists say the rains have yet to peak. October may be the worst month to come in this very wet year.

Time asks: Is Global Warming Drowning Africa?

“This weather is what climatologists predicted, and it is happening even faster than expected,” says Grace Akumu, executive director of the Kenya-based Climate Change Network. “We are overwhelmed.”

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