Posted by: Sam Carson | 26 September, 2007

Study: Hizbollah Human Rights abuses get more coverage than Israel’s

FAIR reports on a recent Human Rights Watch study on the coverage of Human Rights abuses in the New York Times. Last year Human Rights Watch released two reports about the summer war between Hizbollah and Israel in Lebannon.  One report was about the atrocities committed by Hizbollah, the other was about those committed by Israel.

The report has predictable results, but it is interesting as the amount of media bias is measurable.

It’s rare that a media outlet’s news standards can be tested so directly. The human rights group released separate reports on violations by both Hezbollah and Israel, charging each side with indiscriminate attacks on civilians. When the first report was released, the Times placed an 800-word story (8/31/07) under the headline “Rights Group Accuses Hezbollah of Indiscriminate Attacks on Civilians in Israel War,” and accompanied by a photo of Israeli civilians at risk from Hezbollah rockets.

But when Human Rights Watch’s focus turned to Israeli actions, the paper’s interest declined considerably; it ran a brief Associated Press report (9/7/07), sans photo, totaling 139 words. The headline: “Israel Criticized Over Lebanon Deaths.”



  1. I guess the NYTimes understands the difference between regretable collateral damage and purposefully targetted damage. I’m afraid it’s your bias that is easily measureable.

  2. Yep! Indeed, what about those “regretable collateral damage”.

  3. I agree, my bias is perfectly measurable. Over 900 civilian people were killed by Israeli forces, and that is not acceptable to me.

    Nor is the prejudice of the NYTimes acceptable.

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