Posted by: Sam Carson | 26 September, 2007

Success Story: Nine year old has new set of lungs.

The little girl in the foreground it Imogen Oulton, the niece of a friend of mine.   Imogen is 9 and is alive, having just months ago survived a lung transplant.  Not just any lungs, hers are adult lungs, and was saved by an incredibly experimental procedure.

Cardio-thoracic transplant surgeon Justin Negri said the technique of cutting down adult lungs had become necessary for patients such as Imogen because of a severe lack of pediatric organ donors.

Without this procedure, Imogen would be waiting for another child to have died, an awful thought and thankfully rare occurance.  Instead, this new procedure means she was able to take a set of lungs from an adult, reshaped to fit her.


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