Posted by: Tony Carson | 27 September, 2007

Guinness Records writ small

A new edition of Dumb Things People Do, aka Guiness Book of Records is due out tomorrow.

As a public service, we offer a bulleted list from Reuters so you’ll get a taste of the inane without having to endure the full, unseemly onslaught from the volume:

• Italian Michele Santana  typed 57 books backwards.

• Indian yoga instructor G.P Vijayakumar snorted eight fish up through his mouth and out of his nostrils in a minute.

• American Jackie Bibby shared his bath with 75 live western diamondback rattlesnakes.

• China’s Wei Shengchu gains notoriety for most acupuncture needles in the head and face.

• Frenchman Michel Lotito claimed the weirdest diet — over the years he consumed 128 bicycles and 15 supermarket trolleys which he washed down with six chandeliers, two beds and a pair of skis.

• Natasha Veruschka swallowed 13 swords at the Third Annual Sideshow Gathering and Sword Swallowers Convention in Pennsylvania.

• China’s Dong Changsheng pulled a 1.5 tonne car using ropes hooked onto his lower eyelids.

• In the mass participation category, 3,541 Philippine women in Manila shared the record for the most women ever to have breastfed their babies simultaneously.

• The top prize for survival has to go to American park ranger Roy C.Sullivan — he was struck by lightning seven times. Each strike took its toll — he lost eyebrows and a toe nail as well as suffering singed hair and chest burns.


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