Posted by: Sam Carson | 28 September, 2007

China: Three Gorges Dam an environmental catastrophe

Things aren’t good at the Three Gorges Dam. The massive hydroelectric project is one giant environmental disaster according to a report in the Financial Times.

One example is the reduced the flow of the upstream Yangtze river, about 10% of it’s pre-dam rate, resulting in massive silting problems.

Local governments are faced with huge and growing problems just to keep the dam operational and warn that increased silting could make parts of the river impassable for shipping transport, negating one of the main rationales for the dam in the first place, according to Jean-Louis Chaussade, chief executive of Suez Environment, who met with local officials in recent months.

Unfettered dumping of industrial wastewater and the submergence of numerous toxic factories when the dam was first built have added to the problems of a project that involved the forced relocation of 1.3m people.


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