Posted by: Tony Carson | 28 September, 2007

On Halo 3

Thirty-five years after Pong, fans and critics still debate whether video games can legitimately be called art. Certainly, whatever artistic potential that games have, few, if any, have fulfilled it. Halo 3 hasn’t changed that.

But it has captured the market, however briefly.

Even before Halo 3 arrived in stores on Tuesday, Microsoft, the game’s publisher, had received advance orders for 1.7 million copies, and gamers are expected to snatch up more than four million copies in all this week. On the first day the game was released, Microsoft reported $170 million in sales, which the company boasted was a record-breaking number for a video game that also tops the biggest opening weekend of any blockbuster movie. Halo 3’s commercial success is matched only by its critical acclaim. Most reviewers have given it near-perfect scores.

A good article from NY Times here: The Play’s the Thing

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