Posted by: Tony Carson | 30 September, 2007

Motherhood: To be or to make: You shouldn’t have to choose.

Corinnemaier 500Big

Boy, is this woman ever pissed off.  She is one of the ‘egg-shitters:’ “a woman who has children so she no longer cares about anything else.'”

Everywhere you look in France these days, you seem to see … (the) cover (of her book): The words NO KID in English, followed by “40 Reasons for Not Having Children” in French. It is a huge bestseller. Her 40 reasons are often funny and personal (“Don’t become a travelling feeding bottle,” “don’t adopt the idiot-language of children”) sometimes bitter (“you will inevitably be disappointed with your child”) and often designed to puncture the idealized notion of motherhood that poisons Western societies.

It is a combination of tart sisterly advice (“What hope is there of having a fulfilling sex life when a woman is forced to turn into a fat, deformed animal decked out in sack-like dresses?”) with shock-tactic social analysis (“More murders and child abuse happen within families than outside them. Every family is a nest of vipers – all the reason not to add to your own”).

The story is here: ‘I really regret it. I really regret having children’:

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