Posted by: Tony Carson | 30 September, 2007

Small Talk on The Confession

Increasingly, it seems the only thing U.S. Catholics confess these days is that they rarely if ever confess. In a 2005 survey by the Center for Applied Research on the Apostolate at Georgetown University, 42% said they never go to confession. Only 14% said they go once a year, and just 2% said they go regularly.

To a non-Catholic, the confession always seemed weird, simply a convenient ways to feel better about something you should be ashamed of — and should deal with.

But I was envious, too, of course — why not?

But, I gather, I shouldn’t have been: there really are no short cuts.

This is an interesting short piece from Time that seems to contradict its title: A Comeback for Confession.


  1. i think they should get indulge themselves to the humanity .

  2. I was raised Catholic, and never felt good about confession, because for me, confessing should be directly to the One, a communication between you and the One.

    I am no longer Christian, or Catholic, but am Jewish…I converted years ago, and completely satisfied with my beliefs and my Judaism.

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