Posted by: Tony Carson | 1 October, 2007

Dealing with Afghanistan. Where are the Muslims?

It is alleged that the toxic behaviour of the Afghani Taliban festered than metastasized in refugee camps throughout the country during the Russian occupation.

The Taliban’s origin was an incubation of selective religious readings, hate and militancy that grew into an incomprehensible hybrid far worse than anything spawned by the lethal madrases located in many of the more destabilized parts of the Muslim world.

But this? Afghan boy with US dollars hanged

The news that Afghani President Karzai would consider legitimizing these deranged thugs with position is his government delegitimized the entire point of Nato being in the country.

Afghanistan is hanging by a thread. Either Nato and the concerned Muslim world join together to deal with this threat to sanity or Nato should get out — and point its canon at the country.

The half measures employed by Nato to deal with these dreadful people is not working; welcoming them into government is as retrogressive as it is expedient.

Where are the Muslims?


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