Posted by: Tony Carson | 1 October, 2007

Fatal Airplane Crashes Drop 65% in US

Flying in the US has never been safer. This year there has been only one fatal accident in about 4.5 million departures, and improvement from one in nearly 2 million  in 1997.

Some of the improvement may be luck, as there is an element of randomness to crashes. But part of the explanation certainly lies in the payoff from sustained efforts by American and many foreign airlines to identify and eliminate small problems that are common precursors to accidents.

Airlines around the world, even in less-developed nations, have also benefited from equipment improvements, like cockpit instruments that help planes steer clear of mountains when visibility is poor, and jet engines that are so reliable that pilots can go through their entire careers without seeing one fail.

The New York Times has the story: Fatal Airplane Crashes Drop 65%.

Here is an interesting chart tracking all the fatalities in the past ten years


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