Posted by: Tony Carson | 1 October, 2007

Is The GOP Committing Suicide?

That question screams off the page at Huffington Post.

But even before reading the post it is easy to say ‘yes’ and to start supplying the reasons.

Everyone, Republican and Democrat alike can have his or her reasons, but to me a few immediately sprang to mind:

• The Republican candidates all endorse Bush’s policies, policies that have failed miserably nationally and are vilified, almost unanimously, internationally.

• These same candidates, with apparently one exception, all say they doubt the scientific theory of evolution.

• George Bush is going to veto the Child Health bill and the Republican party seems OK with that.

• A literal reading of the bible.

• Tolerance of the many faces of racism.

•  But the biggest reason they are committing suicide is women: they have made it impossible for a Republican woman to maintain femininity in any form: they all turn into Kate O’Bierne Thatchers.

The post is here:  Is The GOP Committing Suicide?


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