Posted by: Tony Carson | 2 October, 2007

Conscientious people are less prone to Alzheimer’s – We protest!

Wanted: aggrieved for a class action suit against the medical/science industry.

Complaint:  In its finding that ” People who lead a good clean life — those who are conscientious, self-disciplined and scrupulous — appear to be less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease,” the industry is bias and selective against all those who are non-conscientious, have no self-disipline and who are unscrupulous.

Charge: That the industry is deliberately punishing the specific behavioural traits in a large percentage of the population, unfairly and severely.

Seeking: understanding, tolerance, a medical break-through and a yet to be determined sum.

Friends of the complainants: Further, we seek friends of the members of the class action suit who, while conscientious, self-disciplined and scrupulous, will be forced to spend their remaining days looking after their non-conscientious, non- self-disiplined, unscrupulous family members.

Reference: the story is here Conscientious people are less prone to Alzheimer’s.


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