Posted by: Sam Carson | 2 October, 2007

RIAA corporate music industry bozos suing single mother $3.9million. Boycott and free their music.

You couldn’t write a more absurd script. A 30 year old single mother of two who works as an administrator at a native reservation near Duluth, Minnesota, is being sued for $3.9 million by a conglomerate of massive corporations, on the charge of piracy. The RIAA represents the whole rainbow of outmoded, outdated business models that is the recording industry. And they are pissed.

Apparently, their greed in the 1990s has come back to haunt them in the form of music download piracy. A decade ago they charged insane amounts of money for CDs and other forms of music and made billions and billions. They were very happy and bought nice cars while they congratulated themselves for ripping you and I off. But little did they know the high prices of music caused the marketplace they love so much to create innovation in the form of the MP3 computer format. This format has the ability to copy and make several near-perfect replications of a music file, for easy distribution without their costly interference.

A decade on these massive corporations are outdated and frightened. The specialist production services they provide can mostly be replicated with $60 worth of computer software and the market simply does not respect them anymore. In fact, there is the possibility they won’t make the same profits they are used to any might have to streamline and innovate as if they were a part of a marketplace. It seems the world has gone crazy, and people are only paying for music out of sheer courtesy. In fact, there is a trend where artists (like Radiohead, you know, the product…) are starting to just give their music away, and make money out of performing concerts, which means they don’t really need the music companies at all.

They charge that Ms. Jammie Thomas of Duluth didn’t actually pay for music. And they will make her pay. They will make her pay for every song they think was downloaded from some random IP address on the Kazaa network. Their magical conclusion is that justice comes in the form of $3.9million from a woman who does not have that money, and they would rather let her die on the street than see any innovation or response to market change.

The big names in the RIAA are: Virgin Records, Capitol Records, Sony BMG, Arista Records, Interscope Records, Warner Bros. Records and UMG Recordings. And I personally recommend downloading as much music from these companies as you can find in protest of their absurd case against Ms. Thomas. Certainly don’t buy any. We will stop when they stop.


  1. Well with the latest verdict I have decided that I will not buy anything that is attached to the RIAA. The only way I will consider it is if the RIAA goes about getting the verdict reversed themselves. I hope the world decides to boycott these fools and see if they can afford to play these silly games in future if something like a real boycott begins. Get your music from other musicians that are not working for the RIAA, there is plenty out there!

  2. Agreed. This is disgusting behaviour and must be shown to be the bad business practice that it is.

  3. […] $9250USD per track of 24 that single mother of two Jammie Thomas has to pay to the RIAA who sued her for downloading and distributing music on the KaZaa network, a grand total of $222,000. The complete story is in […]

  4. […] out. It’s going after bloggers who post tracks from their favorite bands; it’s going after single mothers who allegedly illegally download, and instead of signing and developing fantastic artists, […]

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