Posted by: Sam Carson | 2 October, 2007

The strange twilight-zone world of American environmental policy

I started seeing it two weeks ago.  There was an comment piece in the Financial Times that claimed that American environmental policy was actually cutting edge.  The trend started then, and since I have seen a range of articles, posts, commentaries and editorials that claim with Orwellian “doublethink” certainty, that the US not only has a strong position on Climate Change, but always has.

I think it’s nothing short of spooky.  Here are, once again, the platoons of press suddenly and rather inexplicably, saying things that don’t make sense.  Perhaps it’s a zombie movie, and newsrooms of great newspapers from around the world have been infected.  And what is oozing out onto the page is the ghoulish entranced delusions of the half-dead: “Bush likes climate change, always has, ooooooohhhhhh”.

Perhaps not.  Maybe it’s another example of the press forgetting last weeks news.  Perhaps it’s the Karl Rove wing of the Republican Party in desperation trying to get anywhere close to this obviously important issue.  Whatever it is, it gives me the creeps.



  1. It’s simple: when you never set targets you never fail to meet them and therefore, through the twisted logic of the patriotism of the Superpower, you’re a world leader.

  2. The Administration’s shift in policy is slightly interesting, but what really weirds he out is the creeping doublethink in the press. In six months Bush will be honorary chair of Greenpeace at this rate. I don’t get it.

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