Posted by: Tony Carson | 2 October, 2007

Walking for good cause without ever leaving home — glamourizing sloth

Psst. Hey girls. Want to walk across America without working up a sweat? No? Didn’t think so, but some do.

In fact. “some 1,500 women began a 31-city virtual walk across the United States on Monday to benefit breast cancer courtesy of a computer, an avatar and a $3 donation.”

That’s right, in your walk across America you don’t actually have to walk, you just pay $3, design your outfit and have at it.

And you’re looking good. Even though half to three-quarters of you are either over-weight or obese, you won’t be in this virtual tour, you’ll be as svelte and stylish as you want to be — the best $3 you’ve ever invested.

It’s all here: Walking for good cause without ever leaving home.

Boy, this seems wrong. Sure, anything that tops up the coffers of cancer research has to be a worthy idea but when it trivializes exercise as a sweatless fashion show?

Health, after all correlates rather directly with exercise and weight. Why glamourize sloth?


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