Posted by: Tony Carson | 3 October, 2007

Christianity is losing its allure

For a Christian country, Americans aren’t all that pleased with Christianity:

Nine out of ten non-Christians found Christians too “anti-homosexual,” and nearly as many perceived it as “hypocritical” and “judgmental.” Seventy-five percent found it “too involved in politics.”

In fact, in polls conducted between 2004 and this year, sampling 440 non-Christians (and a similar number of Christians) aged 16 to 29, found that 38% had a “bad impression” of present-day Christianity.

The number of non-Christians is growing with each succeeding generation: 23% of Americans over 61 were non-Christians; 27% among people ages 42-60; and 40% among 16-29 year olds. Younger Christians, he concludes, are therefore likely to live in an environment where two out of every five of their peers is not a Christian.

The Time story is here: Christianity’s Image Problem



  1. It is unfortunate but as a Christian I would have to agree. I think it is because we hold Christians to a higher moral stanard. I don’t really believe that Christians are more that way but we do tend to remember events that reinforce our pre-existing ideas.

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