Posted by: Tony Carson | 5 October, 2007

It’s not the nicotine in cigarettes that kills

“Smokers smoke because they are addicted to nicotine, but it isn’t nicotine in cigarette smoke that kills – it’s the hundreds of other toxic chemicals that come with it.”

Solution: put safe amounts of nicotine into more products that will help wean smokers off the deadly cigarette that transports all those lethal chemicals.

If smokers had access to a range of nicotine-laced products they would be no more harmful to them than the existing use of caffeine, claims John Britton, Royal College of Physicians

The story is here: Smokers ‘need more help to quit’.



  1. Sounds like a good idea, but isn’t inhaled nicotine more potent? That’s why patches aren’t a definitive treatment. Also, if you started getting nicotine in other products, there’s the fear that they might just get addicted to that instead (or even inadvertently get others hooked on it); any addiction is bad.

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