Posted by: Tony Carson | 5 October, 2007

Sen. Craig won’t resign, wants to serve his term

In the latest twist to the Larry E. Craig saga, the Republican senator from Idaho decided Thursday to stay in office for the rest of his term, even after losing a legal bid to withdraw his guilty plea to disorderly conduct in a men’s restroom.

Craig said his return to the Capitol after he became entangled in a sex-sting operation had convinced him that he could represent his state’s interests while also working to clear his name, reports the LA Times in Sen. Craig changes mind, won’t resign

Earlier he had pledged to resign if he lost in court, and his decision to go back on that pledge has surprised and infuriated some of his GOP colleagues. It also complicates the party’s struggle to move out from under the cloud of ethical lapses that contributed to the election losses last year, when Democrats gained control of Congress.

“He had his day in court. The judge ruled against him. He should keep his word,” said Sen. John Ensign of Nevada, who as head of the chamber’s GOP campaign committee is scrambling to hold onto Republican seats in next year’s election.

“If he loves his party, if he loves the Senate, he’ll keep his word,” Ensign said.


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