Posted by: Tony Carson | 9 October, 2007

On Clarence Thomas and 60 Minutes

I watched Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas on 60 Minutes on Sunday with a sense of awe.

Here is a man who has risen to the very pinnacle, not only of his profession, but of power, yet he seemed so bitter, so angry, so vengeful. To me, this made him seem pitiful and absurd, like the main point he was defending: that the special privileges he got through quotas should be deprived to all other Blacks. It didn’t make any sense.

And it didn’t make any sense to relive the Anita Hill days, either, the days of pubic hair on a Coke can. Weird for him to want to go back there.

And it was weird imaging a Supreme Court Justice driving the nations highways in a motor home and over-nighting with the just plain folks on Wal-Mart parking lots. I mean, that’s weird anyway: putting $300,000 into a home you want to park on a shoppers’ runway.

But most of what held my awe was that this man would want to publicize himself with an autobiography. What is going through is head? Half the people in his country are turned-off by him and the other half are turned off by his colour, I mean, how many Republicans are black? And how many blacks are happy with his apparent repudiation of any efforts to give them any advantage?

And then there is the issue of whether or not a Supreme Court Justice should be ALLOWED to write an autobiography while he is still in office. Presumably, the mind had been selected to serve, not the personality. The court shouldn’t be seeking empathy but understanding through the cool logic of its decisions. 

Signing a book deal, even at $1.5 million, and an agreement to promote the book seems somehow beneath the office.

I’m sorry I watched Justice Clarence Thomas on 60 Minutes last Sunday night. It is hard now to trust his judgment.


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