Posted by: Tony Carson | 10 October, 2007

Dumbing down and the futile fumblings of CNN

Does CNN have a personality, a identifiable brand? Who personifies it: Nancy Grace, Glenn Beck, Larry King, Aaron ah, Paula, Wolf?

Increasingly, the new voices of CNN are bellowing blowhards. Rick Sanchez comes to mind, he of the deep voice, pretty face and incessant histrionics that positively shouts: ITS ALL ABOUT ME! He is unwatchable. And so is Foreman, all gestures and affectation that buries any content.

How did it get so bad? This article in the New York Observer about Sanchez provides some incite: Rick Sanchez Is CNN’s Teflon Man!

Is news supposed to be this theatrical? Talk about dumbing down.



  1. News is suppose to be whatever the viewers want. Edward Murrow use to smoke a cigarette and wave it in front of the camera. Brinkley use to read commercials while reading the news.

    Get a grip…it’s 2007! News has to be watchable. I find Rick VERY watchable. He is different, a showman, and does his homework. Hope he stays on for a long long time at CNN!

  2. The quality of the reporting should be able to stand on its own. We shouldn’t need the buffer of a personality to coat the bitter pill or inflame the calm. He turns me off, way off but I doubt you tune the nes in to watch him. SO, its a net loss to CNN.

  3. Why watch CNN (or any US “news” channel) when there’s BBC World? Professional, intelligent, global – did i mention intelligent? BBC World is the only non-Canadian news i’ll watch. I don’t watch any US news – network or otherwise. Too retarded and trivial.

  4. C “News is suppose to be whatever the viewers want.”

    No, that’s called “entertainment”. News that is whatever the viewer wants, is next to useless, and is at best a route to democratic downfall.

    If you want your news to be delivered by women taking off clothes, or a man with a cigarette or rage issues, I’ll have no complaints so long as the facts are real, the subjects are of importance to society being both productive and aware of areas of concern, and the facts presented are not bought by sponsors. CNN fails all three of those points on a regular basis, and CBC routinely doesn’t fail. Fox News almost always fails all 3 of those points.

  5. […] Rick Sanchez is staring to personify it: good looking, nice voice but totally, as in absolutely, lacking in either content or gravitas — as we’ve said before. […]

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