Posted by: Tony Carson | 11 October, 2007

Why is education so hapless?

Schools in every country in the world are viewed as invaluable and take up increasing proportions of state budgets, yet there is no widely held and proven ‘science’ on how to educate effectively. Why is that?

Why doesn’t all of humanity have predictable best practices on how to allow the different personality types to learn effectively? The approach to education seems little different today than it was 100 years ago.

In a Time article Are Private Schools Really Better? the author makes this startling statement that has the appearance of being absolutely true of education:

Education experts seem to concur on almost nothing. Research in the field is so politicized and contradictory that you can find almost any study to support your view. If economics is a 99-1 science, education is a 1-99 circus.

Again, why is that? We have been educating in one form or other since the stoa in Ancient Greece; we’ve had 2,500 years or more to get it right, yet schools today seem as ragged and fragile as every before, probably more so.

A study came out a few weeks ago indicating that girls might learn better than boys in grade school because boys have a harder time sitting still. Really? The Greeks could have made that observation, yet this kind of study, little more than a rudimentary observation, is received with interest and attention.

Boys are falling behind, too, because teaching methods and the curriculum is changing due to the fact that a vast majority of grade school teachers are women who don’t relate as easily to boys, or boys to them. Why isn’t that considered a given and therefore addressed in the structural ratios?

Is seems preposterous that we go on throwing money at education without getting increasing bang for the buck. Yet all the measurements seem to be worse now than before: attendance, literacy, proficiency.

The approach to education today seems no better than a model-t while the roads have speeds signs encouraging 400 mph.

It is not good enough to say that “education experts seem to concur on almost nothing.” With all the money that is being spent on education around the world, education as a product, should have some considerable performance values. It doesn’t, except for the gifted few..


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