Posted by: Tony Carson | 14 October, 2007

Where is Michael Ware?

Michael Ware seems like such an honest journalist, at a time when there are so few of them, that you wonder how long he could last at CNN, or anywhere else for that matter.

Reader Tom Scott is wondering, too …

I have been following Michael Ware’s extremely candid coverage of the Iraq war for some time. But he seems to disappeard from view. And then recently I saw him covering an Australian sporting event.  Has CNN fired him? What are the reasons that we are not seeing his Iraq reports. There may be a good story here.

A CNN and Google search turns up nothing. One wonders …


  1. See all the latest information about Michael Ware at:
    Recently, Mick has been enjoying his favorite sport rugby at the Rugby World Cup games in France. At the end of October he’ll be in DC moderating a Middle East Conference then it’s back to Iraq.

  2. Michael is actually doing a temp gig as a CNN Sports Correspondent, covering the World Rugby Cup in France for CNN International. Prior to becoming a journalist, he played pro rugby for Australia, so this is a bit of a working vacation, gift from the bosses. He’ll be back in Iraq in a few weeks.

    You can find his recent reports, as well as all his coverage from Iraq, on my unofficial website. He has been a rare voice of honesty during this war.

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