Posted by: Tony Carson | 15 October, 2007

The male demographic: something for nothing and the rent is free

Is one demographic being radically over-served by the entertainment industry? It would seem so.

Here is some evidence.

The film ‘The Heartbreak Kid,’ targeting the same demographic as that other Farrelly brothers film, ‘There’s something about Mary,’ opened this month with a paltry $14 million in US and Canada sales, well below expectations. Why?

Wait …

… there’s more. Total industry ticket sales were only $80 million for the Oct. 5 weekend the film opened, a whopping 27% below the same weekend the year before, according to research firm Media by Numbers. That’s the industry’s worst performance for an October weekend since 1999. Overall, domestic receipts are down 6% from last fall.

So what’s going on here?

Many film executives are convinced audiences stayed home to play Microsoft’s carpal-tunnel classic, “Halo 3,” which went on sale on Sept. 26. The game sold an astonishing $170 million worth of copies on its first day, before going on to sell well over $300 million.

Within the first day of its launch, “Halo 3” players racked up more than 3.6 million hours of game play, and that number increased to 40 million hours by the end of the first week. For those keeping score, that’s more than 4,500 years of continuous game play.

Why is all the entertainment targeting the same16- 34 male demographic? I mean these guys eat their occasional meal off cardboard while swilling coke and popping cheezies. They don’t shop, the don’t produce, they live in mummy’s basement — yet they are the ones who dictate culture.

And a dumber bunch has never been created. Movies today are unwatchable by those who can read a book and if you like anything other than blood and guts and fast cars, don’t get an xBox.

The problem is that the people who are targeting these neanderthals are themselves a part of the same damn demographic so entertainment has become an incestuous loop of banalities.

Unfortunately, the only thing that can pull these guys out of this is a good education and that, as we all know, is not about to happen: all the teachers are women.

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