Posted by: Tony Carson | 16 October, 2007

The 4 Faces of Palestine through 60 years

Mapping Palestine since Partiton in 1947.

1947 Partition Plan-1
The 1947 Partition Plan
Following World War II: The United Nations Partition Plan of 1947 divided Palestine into an Arab state and a Jewish state. Arabs rejected the plan, launching a war.

1948 to 1967
The 1948 war: Israel won the war and gained more territory. The 1949 armistace agreements created neutral zones between East and West Jerusalem.

1967 to 2007
The 1967 war: Israel won on the battlefield again and occupied Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, the Palestinian Gaza Strip, Syria’s Golan Heights and the West Bank, claimed by Jordan.

Abbas Plan
Abbas Plan 2007
On Wednesday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called for a future Palestinian state made up of the Gaza Strip, West Bank, east Jerusalem and small neutral zones that divide the city.

From USA Today: Egypt to back Mideast peace talks


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