Posted by: Tony Carson | 17 October, 2007

Who Googles what?

Sometimes, statistics collide with common sense and sometimes they surprise.

According to these stats supplied by Google, Ireland was first in requesting cures for hang-overs, Canada first for information about Marijuana, but, curiously, it was the Philippines, not the British, who were first to hit on homosexuals.

Here is the list from: Sex, Nazi, burrito and Viagra: Who Googles what?

“Jihad” – Morocco, Indonesia, Pakistan
“Terrorism” – Pakistan, Philippines, Australia
“Hangover” – Ireland, United Kingdom, United States

“Burrito” – United States, Argentina, Canada
“Iraq” – United States, Australia, Canada
“Taliban” – Pakistan, Australia, Canada
“Tom Cruise” – Canada, United States, Australia
“Britney Spears” – Mexico, Venezuela, Canada

“Homosexual” – Philippines, Chile, Venezuela
“Love” – Philippines, Australia, United States
“Botox” – Australia, United States, United Kingdom
“Viagra” – Italy, United Kingdom, Germany
“David Beckham” – Venezuela, United Kingdom, Mexico

“Kate Moss” – Ireland, United Kingdom, Sweden
“Dolly Buster” – Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia
“Car bomb” – Australia, United States, Canada
“Marijuana” – Canada, United States, Australia
“IAEA” – Austria, Pakistan, Iran


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