Posted by: Tony Carson | 18 October, 2007

Canada: give these peaceniks a chance

Two US peace activists were not allowed into Canada because of a few peace-activist-oriented misdemeanors on a record sheet made available to Canada, and only to Canada, by the US FBI.

Curious, isn’t it that while the vast majority of Canadians, in one form or other, claim to be peace advocates, albeit tepidly, the country won’t let in others from other countries.

Is that the case here or is it yet another example of the Canadian frontier defending US policy: we get tough because they demand that we do. There appears to be no intellectual or principled issue here, merely that we do the US bidding.

Or in the insane grip of 9/11 paranoia are we becoming more militant against anything other than lock-step obedience to the ordinary: John Lennon in a bed in Montreal crying ‘give peace a chance’ would end up in handcuffs in England.

Like the marijuana issue, this sniffs of another kowtow to American muscle.

Canadian border officials should be defending Canadian policy, not US policy and all of us should apologize to Medea Benjamin and thank her for her letter describing her shameful plight:  Canada: We Come in Peace

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