Posted by: Tony Carson | 18 October, 2007

Canada’s Sex Party stumps for a ‘sex-positive future’

If Canada Post will deliver material that is clearly anti-homosexual, it should deliver mail that is clearly pro-sex for a ‘sex-positive culture,’ that’s the argument of Canada’s federal Sex Party and that’s the message the judge will deliberate over the next few weeks.

But it is too graphic, winged Canada Post: “the pamphlet, which the party refuses to sheath in an envelope, is titled ‘Politics for a Sex-Positive Future’ and includes three images: the nude back of a person copulating with someone whose legs and hands are visible; a photo of a sculpture of a penis and a drawing of two stick people engaged in oral sex.’

Party leader John Ince said the goal of the Sex Party is to encourage Canadians to “celebrate and communicate about sex same way they do about God, war, peace or the environment: freely and openly without intrusion by government.”

Full story is here: Canada’s Sex Party sues mailmen over explicit pamphlets


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