Posted by: Tony Carson | 18 October, 2007

Putin wants US date to quit Iraq

Putin, it’s pretty hard to argue with him:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said the US should set a date for a withdrawal from Iraq.

He was speaking during a live televised question-and-answer session with the public covering both domestic and foreign policy issues.

Mr Putin said that as long as the US avoided setting a pull-out date, the Iraqi leadership “won’t rush to build up its own security forces”.

He also said Russia planned “grandiose” improvements to its armed forces.

New missile technology and an overhaul of the nuclear arsenal were also planned, he said.

Mr Putin told viewers that the US presence in Iraq was motivated in part by a desire to “establish control of the country’s oil reserves”.

But he said the US was now engaged in a “pointless” battle against a popular uprising.

“One can wipe off a political map some tyrannical regime… but it’s absolutely pointless to fight with a people,” he said.

He assured his audience that Russia, unlike Iraq, was militarily strong enough to defend its territory and its natural resources.

The full BBC article: Putin wants US date to quit Iraq



  1. Indeed… only if he would claim that for the right reasons and also would set personal examples by pulling out of, let say, Chechnya…

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