Posted by: Tony Carson | 18 October, 2007

Understanding Pakistan

Now, let’s try to get this straight.

General Musharraf, who stole power from an elected government to become dictator of Pakistan, decided to go democrat and ran for election on October 6 and won easily — against an opposition who declined to participate. But not so fast, the Supreme Court has yet to rule whether or not he was actually eligible to run but to grease the skids he had relinquished his claim to generalissimo, or was that a require proviso to be legally elected president?

At any rate, former leader, Nawaz Sharif, was stopped at the border and illegally banished about a month ago, and now former PM Benazir Bhutto, who was on a voluntary 8 year hiatus while enduring the stigma of a rein of rampant corruption, arrives amid great fanfare to what? To become the next Prime Minister, to share power with Musharraf? Who knows, that will be determined by their back-room negotiations, not yet completed.

Through it all, by all accounts, the US continues to back General Musharraf — although they are a little miffed about Din Laden and Wiziristan — and they are unconcerned that this nuclear power is … well, forget about it, Iran may become nuclear in another 10 years.

Is this about right? I need help here.


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