Posted by: Tony Carson | 19 October, 2007

12 female body types! Which are you? Which do you want?

Trinny and Susannah reveal 12 women’s body types – which are you? | the Daily Mail:



  1. i think im a cornet or a goblet, i defenitly dont have wide hips or thighs, although i would like to have theme, i would like to be a cello or or a hourglass, those kind of bodytypes are i very beautifeul.

    • My god what a collection of hideous female specimens. I’m guessing it’s to make whoever identifies with one of the body types feel better about themselves.

      • why are is your ass on here then sucka?

      • Direct yourself off this page and go talk crap where it dosent make other girls on here with body types like that feel even more insecure than they already are ( take me for example)

      • My suggestion to anyone reading the post by “fart” is to just laugh at the pitiful soul. Idiots will be idiots, and some people enjoy stirring up trouble online because they’re too cowardly to do it in the real world.
        These so-called “hideous” women are normal-looking people who are brave enough to stand in front of the camera without the usual props (photoshop, pancake makeup, nice clothing, posing, etc). They’re all wearing the same clothing (which isn’t exactly flattering for any body type) in order to outline the various shapes that women typically possess.

    • How hard was it to find the ugliest women in the world?

      • What the hell are idiots like this doing on a body shapes site? Judging by your name, you’re obviously a guy, so I’m doubting you fit into any of the 12 female body shapes described above – go troll somewhere else.

      • Joseph, if that is so, stick to the plastic ones you are used to and get out of here.

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  2. i’m a skittle but agree that hourglass and ceææp are the most beautiful so I hope to choose the right clothes to look like them :o)

  3. im a hourglass i think i have big boobs and big hips/ that right?

    • Yeah, I think so. I’m the same way. Big boobs, curvy waist, long legs, and tiny waist. While I do have a bum, it’s not as bodacious as my bosom though. I also don’t have wide hips like my fuller hourglass sisters do.

  4. I’m a vase, and I’m happy with that… although I do wish I had a smaller waist like an hourglass.

  5. its very difficult for me (a seventeen year old) to identify my figure type with these models. Because honestly they carry much more weight than i do :S and are alot older. Can you help me? Im very tall, have a smaller top have than bottom, medium/large thighs, long legs, medium brests, large hips and a defined waist.

    • i have the same problem.. one thing i would do is go onto your favorite clothing store website and look at the models.

    • Thats wut I am and im very vonfused

    • Your a column then

    • Sounds like a pear.

  6. i am somewhere between a skittle and a cornet. small boyish top small chested ok waist but wide narrow hips that expand to wide thighs. i’ve been pretty good about hiding the parts i don’t like but friends think i am hiding my bdy in my clothes.

  7. i’m a hour glass & i love it! i’m a little heavier than the model & i have a classic black girl butt that sticks out.

  8. I’m an hourglass and I love it! And I do agree that certain clothes make me feel pregnant. :s Which is why I don’t like wearing hip-huggers, and if I do wear them I only wear them with a belt.

    • I think I’m a pear, just by the looks of it. My waist is narrow, and I can tell that I’m beginning to grow curves, but they are not extremely noticable. My bum is, wow, extremely large, and I have monstrous calves that won’t slim down no matter what I try 😦

  9. i don’t really know what i am… everyone tells me i am an hourglass, but i’m very self conscience… i guess i am though. i do fit the description; i have a large chest and short waist… but that you for the help. Now i think i can finally believe my friends and family.

  10. I’m a cross between a column and a pear. monica, I would say that you are the same. 🙂

  11. I agree with monica. I’m 17 too so I feel that these models don’t really apply to me. I think I’m an hourglass (31-23-31)? but I’m averse to V-necks because they make my breasts look too far apart =/ I wish I was a Vase because they’re taller! and I’m only 5’1″

    • Straight

  12. They could have at least fixed up these models with makeup and different clothing.
    They all look sweaty, ugly, dirty, and non-hygenic.
    Make them look clean for once!

    • Oops. Another dummy who believes that the photoshopped pics are the real ones. Wake up! BTW they’re wearing that type of clothing to give a better idea of true body shapes without masking anything. To show what different body types look like when wearing the same thing. And I’m pretty sure they even have some makeup on, just not enough to look like the plastic, doctored-up images you’re obviously used to seeing.

  13. I’m a little heavy, but I’m pretty sure I’m an Hour glass. Big boobs, wide hips, my butt isn’t great or anything.

  14. tankgod there are more than 3 shapes, but I still can’t place myself in any of them, though I must admitt these women are mostly middle aged or older.
    I have the most confusing body shape i have to admit. see if you can figure it out:
    I’m short, infact Im 157cm tall. 48 kj, so thats average wight, so my shape should be pretty obvious…not.
    I’m pretty pettit, so that means I’ve got narrow shoulders, narrow hips and a tiny waist and rib-cage.
    Slightly short legs, a long middle and long slender arms. I’m roughly a C cup and they stick out wider than my chest.
    Though my hips are pretty narrow, narrower than my shoulders(i have to wear belts) I don’t have large thighs, but I have a decent bottom which sticks out like anything and strong calves which wont slim down no matter how much exercise I do. No matter how much a eat, my stomach never gets bigger, its always been flat. I think it all goes to my bum.
    So i’m a short spoon????

    • Ehm, frum mai point of vue you seem to be an cornet or a goblet.

    • yes, you are a short spoon with a bit more strong muscle on your legs.

  15. i thought i was a pear but my stomach is larger i really dont know what i am :0

    • Yeah, same problem here! I really thought I was a pear and then this woman’s tummy is sooo tiny haha. Then I’m like… cello? Emm i think not. Problem is all these woman are different weights so it’s hard to tell what’s the shape and what’s the extra fat :/

  16. i have a huge butt, and small waist, and broad shoulders, so i dont know either. i´m more like the “chicken”, the hiphop-model form. 😀 lol. just joking. but then again not beacuse of the really broad shoulders. my shoulders are like (dunnow how to measure them) 37, my bust a small 34D, waist 26, hips 38 and butt 40. all mix

  17. Great go-by!

  18. Very intriguing article, I loved it! I’m a goblet, myself =)

  19. am a vase definitely. wish i could easily get dos clothes i knw wud fit!

  20. am definitly a vase!

  21. I can’t identify my type of body shape. I’ll explain:
    – my hips are a bit bigger than my shoulders.
    – but my back is way small than my hips
    – i have big boobs, wide hips, big bottom and a very tiny back and waist.
    CAn you help me?

  22. You might also want to try Carolyn Mein 25 body type system. It’s very precise though quite sophisticated

  23. Iam an hour glass but Iam also very tall and have found a lot of help on the internet for different things and I am proud…

  24. I am a vase with a really big butt on pretty thin legs

  25. I think I am a goblet, I have the broad shoulders so that they can carry my breast which are large. My butt isn’t big,kind of flat like the typical white woman but I am a black female.i got those legs that are okay but they aren’t long because I am only 4″11″. what must I do to loose this body shape and become the shape I have always been, a hour glass.

  26. haha, im pretty sure im a skittle.

  27. so I look exactly like the hourglass but with broad shoulders and small breasts…where does that put me? =/

  28. I still dont know what i am. I measure 36-31-38. What am i am hourglass.

    • you are pear

  29. I still dont know what i am. I measure 36-31-38. What am i am hourglass?

  30. Weeeheeew, finally figured that out.

    I am an ice cream cone (cornet) lovely.

    Thanks for this, really helped my agonizing pain to find out what body shape I am.

  31. im more of a brick because jesus said so

  32. ahhh this whole figure thing is driving me INSANE.
    i really want to know what i am :/
    my measurements are 33.5, 23.5,32.5
    so my top half is smaller than my bottom half, im slim, long but somehow curvy legs,but my hips arnt huge at all, my waist.. what can i say some days it looks small some days not :/
    im not that tall, 165cm, and breast size 32 b-c
    pls help?

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  34. Looks like with my 36B-32-38 I’m a coronet. Still trying to reduce my middle and drop from a 12 dress size to a 10. But I do have great legs, so I guess you can’t have everything.

  35. To make it somewhat simple for some of you wondering (the pictures are difficult to gauge, I think) –

    Hourglass: Bust & Hips will be the same or no more than an inch difference between them, waist will have at least a 10 inch difference than bust/hips. ex. 35-23-36

    Rectangle – hips/bust about the same and waist not more than nine inches smaller. ex. 33-26-34

    Pear – hips at least two inches bigger than bust and less than a nine inch difference between bust & waist. ex. 33-28-38

    I admire the desire to create more shapes but, some of the photos here look very similar. And they give no data or measurements to go by as a rule of thumb. Hope what I post helps some of you!

    • That’s way too vague and not at all accurate. You’re not taking into account the fact that a smaller-framed/shorter woman may have a lesser ratio because of sheer size. You’re also not considering the fact that women in the hourglass/pear categories will accumulate weight on their thighs/butt first. The hourglass will gain more evenly, but her estrogen-dominated frame still favors the most weight gain in the lower half. So an hourglass may measure higher in the hips if she’s carrying even a bit of extra weight. True pears will have several inches’ difference between upper and lower, while the hourglass’s measurements won’t be different by more than a few inches.

      The 12 body types are more specific breakdowns of the 4 true body shapes: Pear types = bell, pear, skittle. Hourglass types = vase, hourglass, cello. Ruler types = cornet, brick, column. Apple types = lollipop, apple, goblet.

  36. i m a hourglass .. n i hate it =( … i wish i were a vase … i think clothes look prettier on dem .. ❤

  37. I’m a little confused on what my body type is. I think I’m a cello though. I have broad shoulders but I do have hips and some type of butt. I’ve been told that I am very proportionate. Can anyone help me out? Does it sound like I’m a cello?

  38. I do believe I am a vase because the smallest part of my waist is very close to my bust and so it appears that my hips begin high up on my waist.
    I have the problem of jeans/pants falling down, or not resting comfortably on my hips. I’ve been told to wear higher waisted pants.
    Am I completely off? I’m desperatly searching for an explination for my fashion dilemmas.

  39. Hrmmm.. I might be a skittle

    I have small breasts, small torso 25 in waist (basically look like a 10yrold up top).. Smallish hips but thick muscular legs and thighs and a big butt

  40. well a year ago I found a test that explained more in detail the characteristics of the body types, unfortunately they removed it, so I only know the celllo characteristics
    Cellos are like the bastard child of a pear and a hourglass

    Broad shoulders, big boobs, small and short waist cellos have broad shoulders and arms can be kind of big ( pears have slender arms and long waists) cellos have big thighs and bum But slim calves (pears have heavy calves too, and hourglass tend to have shapely well proportioned legs) I hope that is of some help for some cellos out there

  41. IM A PEAR(:
    a happy with i but i have these chicken legs i f*n hate does anyone have a good workout for cafs.. .-HELP.

  42. bueno bueno bueno

  43. this was very a hourglass..or not sure..but i would love to be a pear..ughh theres girls who have that bodytype at my school..and i envy them 😦

  44. most of these models are overweight so it’s difficult to see what shape they really are. Body types emerge more distinct when there isn’t a heavy layer of fat covering up the forms.

  45. @Courtney : Lol, I look like a 10 yr old up top too!! arghhh..people are always thinking im under 18!..It’s alittle embarresing yet very flattering at the same time i suppose..:/
    I’m a 25 yrs old female and i KNOW im DEFFINATLY a pear shape,(a funy looking one not to mention) lol anyways i’m learning to love my small chest…atleast guy’s dot stare at my boob’s …actualy they still do i think they’re wondering where they are!… hehe lol

  46. Ohh crap i forgot to say my height!! lol
    I am 5’1

  47. ohhh and i guess im a 33 AA? it might be a 33 B lol hmmm :\ is THAT how it’s supposed to be??

  48. i have no idea what body type i am. i have b sized boobs, a wider (not too wide)
    ribcage, a small mid-section, love handles (that i thought was hips but its just side fat that makes me curvy) then i dont have hips but i have a bubble butt (because i am a dancer), i have very long,in-shape legs. i thought i was an hourglass
    but i dont have hips, i have love handles. help me

  49. hourglass i guess, but my bottom part is a little very little larger..

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  51. I’m not sure if I’m an hourglass or an apple. My shoulders are same length as my hips, maybe a bit narrower. Large breast, wide hips and rouned curvy bottom. My back is very small and I’ve got a small waist too. Despite my breast measuring is not equal to the measuring of my hips, I agree more with the description of the hourglass.

  52. Im a lollipop, but its not true about the boobs 😦

  53. i am a brazilian girl.with those thick skin on bodytype isnt mentioned here.i m around 5.5″…a bi thick legs.and muscular body..i have broad shoulders..muscular arms..toned ..athletic look..what kind of clothes would suit my body?

  54. hello dear,i cant figure out my body shape. I have a broad shoulder .big boast. Small hip but if i add weight my hip get increase a little same to my butt ,but on a normal weight my hip are small .is hormonial inbalance the cause? What the solution .

  55. Why is all the advice for hiding the lower half?

  56. i cant tell what shape i am i think im a hourglass or a cello im 5 3 145 very curvey and i do have big boobs and butt im 40 30 42.. think hourglass but i dont know..

  57. you can go at
    it has a quiz to help you find which of the 12 body shapes you are.
    it also has an article to help you find if your waist is short,long or undefined.the link is that:
    and for the ones who are bigger on bottom and can’t tell if they have saddlebags this is a useful article:
    i hope i helped

  58. Can someone help me?I went on a caculating site and it said i was an hourglass but im not sure……..i have a normal shoulders about medium to big thighs and hips and my waist is sort of skinny

    • Hourglass,totally

  59. Idk if I’m an hourglass, skittle or cello 😦
    I’m pretty thin so its hard to tell!
    I’m a lil over 5’5 and weigh 118 lbs
    (32D) 36 – 26 – 36
    I have shelf hips cause my hip bone structure..
    Can anyone help?

  60. i have big bust big waiste and little legs and a small butt.what am i?

    • apple

  61. I am cornet……:(

  62. I am 36-25.5- 37. A 5 2″ with 32C boobs. Heck I do not know what shape I am :(. Long tops just make me look shorter and fat nkt. Ash

    • You’re probably an Hourglass, ’cause you’re proportional, have a small waist, and similar-size chest and hips.

      • Thank you Lisa.

    • according to me u hav a lovly body… its beautiful. really i wsh if i cud hav waist like u. (btw ths is sms language)

      • Thank you Kalpana.

  63. I’m pretty sure I’m a cello, but I definitely weigh less than the woman they show. 35-29-42 with either 34D or 32DD boobs, depending on the bra. They don’t look that big on my frame, but all the other descriptions of bottom-heavy shapes say “small boobs”. I think most women who are bottom heavy but not exactly tiny on top or in the middle are either cello- or skittle-shaped, and the two discerning factors are whether your waist is short (you can’t fit two palms flat between your boobs and the slimmest part of your waist – then you would be a cello, and otherwise a skittle) and whether your calves are thinner than the rest of your legs (cello) or undefined (skittle). Hope this helped!

  64. I’m either an hourglass or a cello, and Im proud of it.

  65. To be honest i dont know what i am i cant compare myself to any of These because im 13 years old and havent fully developed yet though i am more developed than other girls in my year.
    I am broad shoulderd and im a size 12-14 on top and a 14-16 on bottom, i have a large bust- 36 D a smaller waist than chest and hips , my hips and chest are roughly about the same width, i dont have a flat chest but its not huge my fat. collects around my hips which gives me a Masculine and untoned bum 😦 please help i want to find out which one i will end up

    masculine and un-toned bum which i hate

  66. I still can’t figure it out. I’m 5’3″. Average shoulders, small bust on a wide ribcage. Big tummy, big butt, big thighs. Little calves and ankles. Like a bell, apple, pear mix.

    • oh and wide hips

      • I figured it out. I went to :

        And took a quiz. The result was: Spoon

        As a Spoon Body type (sometimes called figure 8), your hips are larger than your bust and you have a defined waist. Your hips have a “shelf” appearance, you are prone to gaining weight in your tummy and have a tendency towards love-handles. While you may gain weight in your upper thighs and upper arms, your lower legs and arms are shapely and your best assets.

        How to Dress a Spoon Body Shape

        The key to dressing a Spoon body type is to draw attention to your upper body while deemphasizing your tummy and hips to create a more balanced appearance and create the illusion of an hourglass figure. Your legs are one of your best asset, so feel free to play with skirt lengths and show them off! To create the most curvaceous effect mix and match our suggested separates.

        Hello empire waists

  67. I have broad shoulders, small bust, small and defined waist, ample thighs and a nice butt. ( 32-25-37(at my largest)) and i’m still confused as to which section i fall under. Can someone please help me with this!

    • A pear

  68. Please tell me why mens’ bodies do not get critiqued like this…everyone is different and most will not fit into one category…I’ve seen some pretty pear shaped men and how about those man boobs…it’s time for some payback ladies!!!

  69. None of these are my body shap

  70. I dont know what i am :'[ im mix… mix with philipenes, they have the stick figure, and the other half of me is american.. my grandma had hourglass. in somedays i look like an hour glass, but then i look like a stick. ugh! >:[

  71. This article would be a lot better if a lot of the models for the shapes weren’t fat.

  72. i agree with mox. it could hav been better.

  73. im cornet i like to be cello or bell

  74. I ran across this just bsing and googling things but i must say im beyond confused at these body shapes i always thought and hourglass was busty tiny waist and bootylicious which is what i consider myself though most people say im not a true hour glass because i have augmented parts but this chart shows a supposee hour glass figure but the lady is slight thicker in the mid section 0_o

  75. Hey do you know any exercises for skittle body shape? Pleaaase help me, I’m sick of my enormous upper thighs and calvs ;<

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  77. I think this is among the most important information for me.

    And i’m glad reading your article. But should remark on few general things, The site style is wonderful, the articles is really great : D. Good job, cheers

  78. I am currently a slender hourglass. Would be awesome, except for my oddly shaped, tiny bewbs. :/ I’m only 16, so… WE LIVE IN HOPE

  79. i think im a brick! thankfully the good part is that its true, i do plan to become an olympic swimmer! (so not happening though…)

  80. I think i might be an hourglassfigure i have big boobs, wide hips, and a really small waist! im 16 i wonder if ill grow any more??

  81. i dont know what i am! can any body help? i have big boobs, but smaller hips, and a normal sized waist! please let me know what shaoe my body is!

  82. im a stick! i have nothing! 😛

  83. Honestly By how the models look I would put me in the hourglass section but I have never considered myself that. I am a bigger girl and though I am working on my waist line through belly dance I just naturally have a slightly bigger waist. I am 49 38 46. (I am a 42 DDD). I carry my weight equally throughout my body though and I do have broader shoulders but they are square and I have beautiful collar bones. (I am a literal definition of a big boned women with a size 8.5 ring size when I am thin and size 10 to 10.5 in men’s shoes and despite the fact that I am still a bit chubby right now even when I lost weight I was still a 44 34 41). i have somewhat shapely ankles and wrists and shoulders and collar bones as I said before and slightly longer arms than I should have. My legs are a big chunky as well. Not like too bad but just a bit because as I said I carry my weight equally.

  84. you couldnt pick
    an uglier group of girls. ESSPECIALLY THE COLUMN! wtf where u thinking. I have experienced the first anti-bonner.

    • What are you doing here anyway? It is says you are a A GUY.

  85. the person shaped like a brick has K leg

  86. To those who are confused, I can see why! The 12 body shapes described here are actually offshoots of the 4 true body shapes, which are Pear, Hourglass, Ruler and Apple. They’re simply variations of each type that are the most commonly seen on women:

    The PEARS are as follows: bell, pear, skittle.
    The HOURGLASS types consist of: vase, hourglass, cello.
    The RULERS: column, cornet, brick.
    The APPLES: goblet, lollipop, apple.

    There are certain typical characteristics that determine each type.

    PEAR: narrow shoulders/back/ribcage. Big hips/bum/legs. Slender arms. Small or medium breasts. Small waist. Pears often must wear 2 different sizes from top to bottom. Most or all weight gain on lower body. Bust measurements typically several inches smaller than hips measurement.
    HOURGLASS: shoulders/bust measurement within a few inches of hips/bum measurement. Waist tapered. Breasts medium to full. Shoulders typically broad. Curvy thighs, bum. Weight gain is evenly distributed or slightly favors lower body.
    APPLE: torso is full. Ribcage, breasts typically full. No/slight waist definition. Small bum. Narrow shoulders and hips compared to midsection. Weight gain typically occurs in the midriff, while arms and especially legs remain proportionally slim. The “goblet” is actually a different subtype known as the inverted triangle. Unlike the other apple types, goblets have broad shoulders and gain weight in the arms as well as the torso.
    RULER: like the hourglass, upper and lower measurements are within a few inches, but there is little to no waist definition or curves. Shoulders are usually broad and well-defined. Weight gain is evenly distributed.

    Typically, pears are shorter and heavier in the legs, with the exception of the bell. Skittles are less-pronounced pears and lean a bit towards the hourglass type. Bells are dramatically smaller on top, typically with sloped shoulders. Pears carry the most typical traits of the pear group. Typical pear measurements would be, as an example: 33-27-40.

    Hourglass types tend to have higher waists and medium-length legs. They are usually squared in the shoulders and are prone to gaining weight in the belly and thighs, although their overall weight is generally evenly-distributed. Vases are somewhat stretched-out, slender hourglass types while cellos are the opposite. Typical measurements would be, for example: 37-27-38.

    Apple types carry more weight in the midsection and are normally the most “chesty” of the bunch. Note that lollipops exhibit all traits of the apple but are longer-framed. Goblets are athletic-looking with larger upper bodies and thin lower bodies. Apples usually possess medium-length or long legs and arms.
    Typical measurements would be, say: 40-32-36.

    Ruler types normally are straight up and down. Bricks typically are more stocky and short in the legs, while cornets and columns are typically long-limbed and flat-chested. Columns are just taller versions of cornets. Typical measurements would be something like this, for example: 34-28-34.

    Ok, that was a long post but I hope it helps break things down a bit! And remember, you can be a variation of a couple of types. Most importantly is that all body shapes have good qualities that should be admired!

    • Thank you Kathryn. That is a great deal of help.

  87. Spot on with this write-up, I honestly feel this site needs much more attention. I’ll probably be back again to see more, thanks for the advice!

  88. I think that I am cello or hour glass, but both are nice lol :b

  89. I have no idea what I am. It’s too hard to tell because all the bodies look totally different.
    I have big boobs, big back, small shoulders, no hips, a small bum and my legs are long but not all crazy Bambi long.

    • You’re probably not going to see this because your comment was from 5 years ago, but you sound like lollipop shape.

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  92. i don’t know what I am… im 15 and I have wide swimmers shoulders, small bust, small waist and medium to large hips.. help!!

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    It was really informative. Your site is very helpful. Many thanks
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  94. I wish the bloggers would monitor comments on a post like this cause any time a post is about the female body some virginal teenage boy type takes it upon himself to diss women. So some kid is unloved and probably sexually frustrated I don’t wanna have to hear about it! Can you delete “Fart” ‘s mean comment,, please?

  95. I’m a brick, w/o a doubt. I wouldn’t mind being a pair, because it’s probably the most common one.

  96. hi my bust size is 39 inch, waist 37 inch, hip 40 inch and my height is 162 centimeter. what is my body shape or type. i am indian so can u suggest what type of kurti or tunic will suit me

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  100. I’m an Hourglass with a bit of Vase 🙂

  101. I’m a skinny pear. Lol.

  102. I have excremented better shapes than this, what is this, it’s like comparing rotten and moulded vegetables.

  103. I really don’t know what I am :-/.
    I’m not a hourglass. my top is bigger I have a thin waist and big hips. my butt is. .. to big. :/ I barely have a stomach either. someone help?

    • You sound like a top-hourglass

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  105. Can someone tell me what is a vase shaped figure?

  106. Ok im a vase by defination n i hate it 😦 most cus of the chunky upper arms dat goes with it,, my hips balances it out quite fine and my waist is pretty defined,, but being in africa where bigger bootys are worshipped i cant help buh feel opressed.. Can i change my body shape or can my stats change with weight loss.. I mean if i hav 9 inch difference btw my waist to hips can it increase to 12 inches due to weight loss?

  107. I’m 511 real skinny guy around 165-170 pounds something like that but outside of bigger butt big brest and cute face if she is tall with long big heavy legs calve muscles and thighs that’s stronger than my whole little body and she ways around 180-200 pounds but she’s not fat or chubby but thick shes good to go for me.

  108. cigarette 12 female body types! Which are you? Which do you want? | Carsons Post

  109. […] 12 female body types! Which are you? Which do you want … – Oct 19, 2007 · My god what a collection of hideous female specimens. I’m guessing it’s to make whoever identifies with one of the body types feel better about themselves…. […]

  110. I’m an hourglass! …I think. My measurements are 42-31-42, so I think I’m hourglass-y enough.

    • Hourglasses are 26 at the waist and lower. You are a ruler.

  111. I will like to know more about my shape and how I will controll it.thank you

  112. Lol. How did I get here….I searched how to fix a cello busted wide open

  113. I am a brick shape. Sometimes I look like a man Bcos of my broad shoulders. How can I be an hour glass shape?

    • You can’t change your shape (and you shouldn’t want to!) but you can camouflage or highlight certain areas to give the illusion of having another body type. e.g, Padded bra+ a flowy top tucked into a skirt with some volume+ a wide belt will give the illusion of curves.

  114. I put on weight and look for goblet shaped. Before, my hips and thighs were more pronounced and thought I was a pear. I guess not.

  115. Only 8 percent of women world wide are truly hour glass figures. Everyone is either pear, apple etc so people please stop lying about being hour glass. I did the trinny and susannah online calculation and I have been classified as a bell.

  116. My God, they all look the same. Obviously, this site is authored by man haters and obsessors… who find shapes where there are none. What kind of crack cocaine must these editors / authors have been on to author this trainwreck of an analysis? Are you kidding me? These women are nondescript and who can tell what shape they are with the lovely grey “I have given up totally on life” sweatsuits? What was the budget for this article? A hundred dollars, including the model rentals? Half of them have so much sun damage to their skin they are no doubt pre cancerous. Ugly, fat, and or old. I would not put my dick in any of them.

    • LOL

    • You seem to be a conceited misogynist, and I don’t think any woman would like to have anything of yours put inside any part of them, but I’ve got to admit what you said is true. Most of the women shown are out of shape, and the clothes do not do them any favor. It’s impossible to figure out what shapes they are.

  117. Hi please help me,i would like t have thick legs. Is there any medication I can take for me t have thick legs

    • There isn’t any medicine to put *more* weight in an area. Only medicines to lose weight. If you want to lose belly fat, there’s diets and stuff. But the only reliable way to get thicker legs is to work out your lower body often. It won’t make them fat but to have muscles and that’s the best kind of thick. But I think certain types of foods can make you gain weight in your butt and thighs. I can’t remember any, but google should!

  118. My results came out to be a cello. I have a big bust 40 DDD bra. short waist and huge hips and butt. Measurements are 41.5 36 46 although sometime I feel like a bell. Think I am a mixture of cello and bell

    • Yes tracy you are mixed with bell and cello. I have the same measurements as well

  119. So I can’t really seem to find out which one I fit in to. My guess is an hourglass or lollipop but not sure. My bust is around 5-10 inches larger than my butt, but my butt is a minimum of 15 inches larger than my waist. So I don’t really think I’m a lolipop because my butt is still a lot larger than my waist, but I’m not sure I’m an hourglass either. Because I’m pretty sure hourglass shapes have even or close to even bust and butts. And it says hourglasses have short waists and usually long legs, but I have short legs and a very long waist. It’s actually extremely hard to find clothes that fit because I have to wear at least 2-3 size bigger dresses or tops because my bust is so large and I refuse to show my stomach.

    • You seem to have a barbie doll kinda figure 🙂 Except for the legs, that is.

  120. I’m none of these. I was skinny with narrow shoulders until I hit forty. Now I am 40DD on top (fatty tumors under my breasts), no waist, skinny hips and no butt. Toothpick legs. I wear a 16 ontop and a 6 bottom. When I get bras to fit my girls, I don’t have shoulders to hold the straps up and the sides cut into my underarms.
    So now what?

  121. hi, I think I have a lollipop figure. But I’m not sure, because I have Wide hips and big bust but Narrow thighs.. could you help me ?

    • If your hips are bigger than your shoulders and if your waist is at least 9 inches smaller than your hips then you might be a pear but it depends on your shoulders

    • Wish I were you! Wide hips +slim thighs= best of both worlds 🙂 I Lollipops have slim hips and really thin legs (think Angelina Jolie).

  122. I’m an hourglass (12 inch difference), and would love to be a vase 🙂 Or just generally taller (I’m 5 feet and nothing).

  123. I have a very confusing shape my shoulders are 40 and my hips are also 40 …the smallest part of my waist is 34 and my bust is 38 but i have a lot of fat near my tummy and my t shirts tend to get inside these fats when i sit ..can you please tell my correct body shape …some told apple and some pear and some even brick..but clothing is so difficult with these three shapes can you please tell me my right shape

  124. I’m still not quite sure what body type that I have! Maybe a pear or hour glass…

  125. Hi I’m an apple with large breasts 36DDD. My waist measurement is the same as my breast and my hips are 36. I lost an inch in height and am now 4’11”. In the new descriptions I’m between a brick and a goblet.

  126. My measurements are 33-27-36 but my arms are slim. And my shoulders are broad and my legs and bottom are slim I am having trouble figuring out what my shoe really is…..

  127. I’m having trouble finding my body shape. I think I’m more of a ruler but the body calculators keep saying, pear, spoon, hourglass or vase. My measurements are 36-33-27-36.5. From the front it can come off as pear but my shoulders are broad like a vase. My rear is flat and my arms are small. I’ve got long legs. 5’7. My waist is defined but I need to go down an inch or so to be an hourglass. I’m just confused so please help. Thanks. Also I know I’m not a spoon because everything gradually goes up not stopping at my waist.

  128. I am too fat arms ,cafemuscles,breast,tighs and bums i want to be like lolipop

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