Posted by: Tony Carson | 19 October, 2007

Save 2nd Base

This is pretty cute … and for a great cause.

As I understand it, the theme was designed by a couple of high school students in Toronto who had their designed banned because of its offensive implications.

What was that implication? I tossed that around for awhile and finally got it, I think … assuming first base is the home run.

Anyway, good on them. Strikes me as a winner.

You can get one here: Save 2nd Base



  1. Close but no cigar.

    And it is a very good design. Idiot school officials.

  2. Not cute. Male-oriented idiocy.

    Save Boobs for the Boys. Very offensive to women who’ve ‘lost’ a boob.

    First base = home run? Where’d you learn your baseball?

  3. Agree, though in its puerile, male-oriented way, it DOES raise the harsh issues of sexuality and sexual mutilation that the fucking pink campaign denies outright.

    People (women or men) who have been mutilated by disease or accident know that they are mutilated.

  4. Well fern hill, they’re probably too young to remember “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” by Meatloaf. Or possibly, scoring first base might be cause for premature ejaculation among the unenlightened/inexperienced and it feels like an inside the pants, I mean park, homerun. Then again, maybe they just don’t know their baseball?

  5. If’n I’m umping this game I call, “FOUL!!!”

  6. I’m with the crowd on this one. The idea of combating a disease like Breast Cancer with humour is a good one, but I think the punch line needs a lot of work.

  7. Tony Carson: Love that you’re giving this international attention, however this was brain-child of Kelly Rooney of Wayne, Pennsylvania (suburb of my hometown, Philly) who at the young age of 42 passed away in June 2006 leaving her husband & 5 children to carry on her fight with her indomitable sense of humor. Proceeds of sales go to Kelly Rooney Foundation that targets getting breast cancer awareness to YOUNG women who may think they’re NOT at risk

  8. Thanks for that, Roe, obviously I read the wrong story — the baseball analogy never made much sense coming from a Canadian high school. Now, can you explain it (what is the reference, (did I get it right))? And can you justify it? My take on the campaign seems pretty unpopular.

  9. Aw c’mon Tony, I know at least ONE Canadian MLB team. The term “getting to second base” was an American lexicon used by teen-agers to signify a guy’s ability to “progress” from mere kissing a girl (considered “first base”) to (putting it bluntly) fondling her breasts. And so it went, up to the “home run” which meant “going all the way”.
    I can only justify it in that I do not consider myself a prude and I can laugh at myself and believe if you can find ANYTHING to make you laugh in a situation that usually makes you cry I’m all for it. Don’t they say laughter is the best medicine? That being said, I also believe this shirt may be a little out of place on children and in schools.

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